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Lutz Reiter

About me

I like to create things - both, the useful and the seemingly useless things. I like the ideation process as much as the realization and I like to create them with my hands as well as to work digitaly. I enjoy building and designing interactive art, visualisations, tools and sounds. But I also love science. Coming from a biology/research background I have a healthy indispostion against useless technical gadgets or beeing totaly consumed by your smartphone. I love to explore. And I love to do it differently.


I also love taking pictures. Mostly analogue, sometimes digital. Check out my Flickr Account!

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2013 - 2014
Master Thesis written at Design Research Lab, Universität der Künste Berlin.

2011 - 2014
Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg. Master in Interaction Design

2005 - 2009
Freie Universität Berlin. Bachelor of Bioinformatics


2017 - now
Working as a Creative Technologist at Future Center Europe in Potsdam

2016 - 2017
Working as a Freelance Designer and Programmer.

2016 - 2016
Research Assistant at Design Research Lab at the University of Arts Berlin.

2014 - 2016
Working as a Freelance Designer and Programmer on several projects concerning media arts, tangible prototyping, user experience and interface design, mobile app and web programming. Among my partners are Universität der Künste Berlin, SPD, Bundesdruckerei und Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.

2013 - 2014
Universität der Künste, Design Research Lab, Project Community Infrastructuring, Developing and implementing several concepts for researching and improving neighbourly interactions in urban communities.

2010 - 2011
Charité Universitaätsmedizin Berlin, Neurocure, Cognitive Neurobiolgy, Development of a camera based cage for conditioning small animals

2009 - 2010
AG Neurobiology, Freie Universität Berlin, work on various projects, statistical programming, teaching, data visualisation

2009 - 2009
AG Artificial Intelligence, Freie Universität Berlin, work on the RoboBee Project, programming work and field experiments

2005 - 2005
Hebbel Theater Berlin, internship as stage technician

2003 - 2004
MTS Brandschutzsysteme, computer technician and system-administrator

Publications and Exhibitions

Ape Finger of the Stars
Musical Performance at Du Beast, Nivili, Noiseberg and Loopohole in Berlin (2019).

Interactive, multi-langual Installation exhibited at Stadtwerkstatt in Berlin (2019), Rathaus Wiesbaden (2019).

Bongo Forest
Audio Visual Installation exhibited at Wilde Moehre Festival, Drebkau (2018).

Interactive Installation exhibited at Republica 2017, Berlin (2017).

Polylogue pt. 2
Interactive Installation exhibited at the Greek Pavillion of Venice Biennale 2016, Venice (2016).

Interactive Installation exhibited at Radical Networks 2016, New York (2016),
exhibited at Speculum Artium | Trbovlje New Media Festival, Slovenia (2016),
exhibited at Platine Festival in Cologne (2016).

Diddley Bow Workshop
Instrument Building Workshop at Wilde Möhre Festival, Drebkau (2016).

The MAZI archive
Prototype exhibited in Prinzessinengarten, Berlin (2016).

Lullaby Box
Interactive Installation exhibited at re:publica | TEN conference, Berlin (2016).

Interactive Installation exhibited at Transmediale 16 in Berlin (2016).

Honeybees Learn Landscape Features during Exploratory Orientation Flights
Jacqueline Degen, Andreas Kirbach, Lutz Reiter, Gisela Manz,
Uwe Greggers, Randolf Menzel in Current Biology 26, 2800–2804 (2016)

Community Wireless Networks
Workshop about Offline Networks held with Andreas Unteidig at the Living Future! Conference in Tel Aviv (2015).

Pinpoint Mehringplatz
Interactive Installation exhibited at Mehringplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg (2015).

The Hybrid Meeting Point - An urban infrastructure for interacting across boundaries of difference
Andreas Unteidig, Bianca Herlo, Lutz Reiter (2015): Hybrid City 2015: Data to the People, Athens: URIAC, At Athens, Greece.

Hybrid Meeting Point
Interactive Installation exhibited at the “Meeting Point under the Bridge”, an initiative carried out by Jerusalem‘s Muslala Artists Collective as part of the Israel Festival in Jerusalem (2015).

Lullaby Box
Interactive Installation exhibited at Pfefferberg during the "LivingFuture!" conference, Berlin (2015).

Hybrid Letter Box - Enabling Civic Engagement in Local Environments
Unteidig, Joost, Schubert, Herlo, Sametinger, Bergmann, Reiter, Sossa (2014): Spring Cumulus Conference, University of Aveiro.

"Liebe Sonnenallee ..." Installation
13. Kunst- und Kulturfestival NACHTUNDNEBEL in Neukoelln, Berlin (2013).

Chimecloud - An Evocative, Responsive Sound Installation
Dondana, Jepsen, Reiter (2013): 9th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR), Aarhus University.

Dondana, Reiter (2013): 9th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR), Aarhus University.

Open source tracking and analysis of adult Drosophila locomotion in Buridan's paradigm with and without visual targets
Colomb, Reiter, Blaszkiewicz, Wessnitzer, Brembs (2012): PLoS ONE 7(8): e42247. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042247

A common frame of reference for learned and communicated vectors in honeybee navigation
Menzel, Kirbach, Haass, Fischer, Fuchs, Koblofsky, Lehmann, Reiter, Meyer, Nguyen, Jones, Norton, Greggers (2011): Current Biology, Volume 21, Issue 8, p645-650