Sos Mehringplatz
The Sos Mehringplatz installation is a tool to give voice to the inhabitants of Mehringplatz. Its interface reminds of the emergency telephones of the BVG, which can be found in many train stations in the city of Berlin.
The Sos Mehringplatz installation was set up for a week during September 2015. The installation aimed to raise the issue of an never-ending construction site on Mehringplatz. In earlier research, this issue was found to be a subject of big frustrations among the inhabitants of the area. The central piece of the installation is a Box, which allows users to record comments or type in text. Recordings can be tagged by the users picture and name or they can be send anonymously. Once a recording is finished, an animation will direct the users attention on a projection screen, where its comment will instantly appear in the shape of a coloured circle.

The projection shows a cluster of coloured circles, that all strive to get to the center of the screen. Every few seconds, one of the circles pops up, and its content is displayed and played back on the speakers.

A documentation of the installation can be found here:

Figure 1: The Box next to the projection screen.

Figure 1: A visitor is submitting a new recording.

Figure 2: The projection, playback of a contribution.

The Project was done in collaboration with Jennifer Schubert, Malte Bergmann and Fabrizio Lamoncha from the Design Research Lab Berlin.